Captain James O'Brien
On Father's day Captain James O'Brien reflects on juggling piloting and parenting.
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BALPA with bite

14 June 2018

Captain Andrew Hammond
Legal Services Sub Committee Chairman
Sometimes the sheer amount of legal work undertaken by BALPA can slip under the radar, meaning its scale and impact can be somewhat underappreciated. So, what have we achieved?
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Steve Landells
BALPA Flight Safety Specialist
We examine the new laser laws that come in to force on 10th July 2018  and look at how BALPA helped make them a reality
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Wendy Pursey
Head of Membership & Career Services
BALPA's Head of Membership and Career Services, Wendy Pursey, reflects on the opportunities available to members who attend events like Flight Crew Futures. 
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Dr Rob Hunter
BALPA Head of Flight Safety
Confused with the FTL regulations and the way they are applied in daily schedules? Baffled by definitions of fatigue and how it is measured? Concerned that operator decision-making on fatigue doesn't match the lived reality? Perhaps our series of seminars for members can help...
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