Gill Nuttall
Founder of Melanoma UK
As part of BALPA’s recent health symposium we invited the founder of charity Melanoma UK, Gill Nuttall, to speak on melanoma and what steps pilots can take to protect against it.
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Simon Roberts
BALPA Scheduling Specialist
We hear from UK pilots across the industry about their experiences of flying under new EASA rules since they became mandatory in February last year. 
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Brian Strutton
BALPA General Secretary
This year discussions at ADC focussed on the hot topic of burnout and the long-term effects of fatigue, as well as the implications and opportunities of Brexit.
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John Stembridge-King
Head of Organisation
Our Annual Delegates’ Conference (ADC) is designed to allow our pilot leaders the space to consider important and emerging issues facing our profession and our membership.
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Capt Dave Fielding
One experienced BALPA rep looks back at his time in office and reveals what members themselves said when BALPA helped them in their time of need.
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