John Moore
Head of Industrial Relations
Since the Germanwings tragedy in March 2015, EASA has been seeking to introduce new rules covering peer intervention programmes, drug and alcohol testing, and psychological testing. Our role has been to ensure that the new rules actually work, and the interests of pilots are properly safeguarded
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Zoe Reeves
Flight Safety Officer
In humid climates, tropical diseases are rife and can be fatal, especially those transmitted by mosquitos. For pilots spending days or even just hours in different tropical climates around the world, it’s important to know the risks involved, and how best to prevent yourself from danger. 
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Steve Landells
Flight Safety Specialist
When a laser hits an aircraft, not only is it incredibly distracting, but if any of the light hits the eyeball of the pilot, then they may experience a range of symptoms that make it difficult to land an aircraft safely.
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Gill Nuttall
Founder of Melanoma UK
As part of BALPA’s recent health symposium we invited the founder of charity Melanoma UK, Gill Nuttall, to speak on melanoma and what steps pilots can take to protect against it.
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Mark Keane
BA pilot rep
Three airline pilots are rowing 200 miles in just three days in a bid to raise £50,000 for charity. 
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