Being a CC rep

07 February 2017

Andrea Brezonakova
B737-800 SFO
Andrea Brezonakova, a B737-800 senior first officer, explains why she chose to become a BALPA rep on behalf of her fellow pilot colleagues and members. 
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Ask a pilot: part two

03 February 2017

Steve Landells
Flight Safety Specialist
In part 2 of our ‘Ask a pilot’ blog we once again scoured the internet for some more of the most common questions asked of pilots and put them to BALPA’s own Flight Safety Specialist and former airline pilot, Steve Landells, to get some answers. 
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John Stembridge-King
Head of Organisation
We are proud of the high quality services we provide to members. Beyond the core industrial, legal, flight safety and technical issues, members regularly request information surrounding tax matters. Our work in this area over the years has made being a BALPA member fantastic value for money
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Elinor Evans
Content Editor - Pilot Careers News
Flight Crew Futures aims to partner experienced pilots with new opportunities with carriers in the UK, Europe and beyond.
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Brian Strutton
BALPA General Secretary
This year discussions at ADC focussed on the hot topic of burnout and the long-term effects of fatigue, as well as the implications and opportunities of Brexit.
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