Steve Landells
Flight Safety Specialist
Alongside our pilot reps and staff at BALPA HQ, we are fortunate enough to have a number of specialist groups run by member volunteers who we can turn to for advice on issues that affect the lives of our members, and the wider pilot community.
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Capt James O'Brien
BALPA National Executive Council
Captain James O'Brien is the latest addition to BALPA's National Executive Council. We asked him what he sees as the big issues facing BALPA and the piloting profession.
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Ian Frow
Concorde Evaluation Team
Did BALPA pilots hold the fate of the Concorde project in its hands for a few weeks in 1975? There is a lovely model bird in a glass case at BALPA HQ that has a tale to tell.
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John Stembridge-King
Head of Organisation
We are proud of the high quality services we provide to members. Beyond the core industrial, legal, flight safety and technical issues, members regularly request information surrounding tax matters. Our work in this area over the years has made being a BALPA member fantastic value for money
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Elinor Evans
Content Editor - Pilot Careers News
Flight Crew Futures aims to partner experienced pilots with new opportunities with carriers in the UK, Europe and beyond.
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