Snow worries

11 December 2017

Patrick Lawrence
BALPA Representative and former pilot
BALPA Representative and former pilot Patrick Lawrence guides us through the ins and outs of cold weather operations.
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Feeling hot, hot, hot

26 June 2017

Steven Draper
Former pilot and BALPA spokesperson
Former pilot and BALPA spokesperson Steven Draper explains how pilots keep flights on track in a heatwave.
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Ask a helicopter pilot

06 March 2017

Mike Buckley
North Sea pilot
As part of our ‘Ask a pilot’ blog series we take a look at some of the most common questions asked of helicopter pilots and put them to one of BALPA's most experienced reps, Mike Buckley. 
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Steve Landells
Flight Safety Specialist
In aviation we all strive to make sure that all situations that might be encountered are meticulously planned for and all possible eventualities accounted for – we don’t like surprises. There is, however, one issue that impacts every airborne operation over which we have no control; the weather.
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Captain Chris Langley
Flybe Captain Chris Langley reveals the hidden challenges that come from operating into London City Airport and explains how the approach, as spectacular as it can be at times, will bite you without a moment’s notice.
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