Captain James O'Brien
On Father's day Captain James O'Brien reflects on juggling piloting and parenting.
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Captain Dave Smith
Retired Captain and BALPA rep
As today is ‘Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day’ Captain Dave Smith talks about how his life as a pilot inspired his own daughters to take up the profession and how he even got to enjoy flying as a father-daughter team.
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Work life balance: Round-up

20 October 2017

Nancy Jackson
Media and Communications Officer
BALPA's Media and Communications Officer, Nancy Jackson, rounds-up our work life balance week and reflects on her own experiences as the daughter of a pilot. 
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Nancy Jackson
BALPA Media and Communications Officer
BALPA continues its examination of work life balance with a case study of a pilot who says he has had to make sacrifices to achieve stability in his life. 
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Dr Rob Hunter
BALPA, Head of Flight Safety
BALPA launches its week examining the challenges pilots face achieving a good work life balance.
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