Capt Tim Pottage
Chairman of RPAS Working Group
Former BALPA General Secretary, Jim McAuslan, appeared on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 to discuss pilotless planes and whether there really is a future for them.
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Wendy Pursey
Head of Membership and Careers
Up and down the country, thousands will be starting to plan the next steps of their life today as they collect their GCSE results, and for those of you aspiring to become an airline pilot, hopefully you will be one step closer to reaching your dream
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Peer intervention

22 August 2016

Captain Dave Fielding
Lead disciplinary rep of the British Airways Company Council
As a pilot, it is easy to sweep underlying issues – big or small – under the rug. There is a job to be done, and a resilient exterior to be upheld to the world, after all.
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Captain Tim Pottage
The fact that there is going to be ever-increasing automation in aviation is not really in doubt, but how far will it go, and how fast will it come?
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Charlotte Branson
Media & External Relations Officer
Only 5% of pilots are women worldwide. Why is that? We spoke to a range of pilots, male and female, to get their thoughts on whether aviation is still a boys' club.
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