Tim Page
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Student
BALPA held a second nextGen networking event at the beginning of June and I was there to witness just how the nextGen programme works and meet those involved.
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Britain Stronger in Europe
With the EU Referendum approaching on the 23rd June, we wanted to provide a platform to both campaigns to provide answers to some key questions that pilots will have on areas of specific interest, such as aviation regulation and employment law.
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Derek Suckling & Jon Horne
British Airways
As we edge nearer to the EU Referendum on the 23rd June, we asked two pilots to provide their opposing views of the debate as part of a guest blog.
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John Moore
Head of Industrial Relations
In response to the Germanwings tragedy, EASA has made a number of flight safety recommendations. BALPA has been working closely with ECA, a group of UK employers, the CAA and the DfT to ensure that any new rules are appropriate and effective.
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Farewell, Jim

02 June 2016

John Stembridge-King
Head of Organisation
Jim McAuslan has been our General Secretary for the last 13 years, but today he hangs up his honorary pilots’ hat and looks forward to enjoying his retirement.
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