John Moore
Head of Industrial Relations
We bring you an update on the new EASA rules covering peer support programmes, mandatory random alcohol testing and psychological assessments.
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Nancy Jackson
BALPA Communications Officer
How BALPA is connecting members with industry specialists with the new BALPA Expert Webinar Series
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Coping with time changes

24 March 2018

Dr Rob Hunter
BALPA Head of Flight Safety
As the clocks change, we look at how pilots cope with crossing timezones and disturbances to their body clocks. 
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Richard Toomer
Head of Communications and External Relations
Hear how BALPA's bid to host a major international conference could help keep British pilots at the heart of global aviation.  
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Lisa Artis
The Sleep Council
Lisa Artis from The Sleep Council looks at how pilots can overcome the challenges of trying to get a good night's sleep downroute.
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