Elinor Evans
Content Editor - Pilot Careers News
Flight Crew Futures aims to partner experienced pilots with new opportunities with carriers in the UK, Europe and beyond.
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Steve Landells
Flight Safety Specialist
The film Sully: A Miracle on the Hudson is based on a real-life event where a plane came into contact with a flock of Canada geese shortly after take-off.  The incident caused all engines to fail, forcing Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger to make the tough decision to make the emergency landing on the Hudson river in New York. But just how common are birdstrikes, and how dangerous are they?
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Brian Strutton
BALPA General Secretary
This year discussions at ADC focussed on the hot topic of burnout and the long-term effects of fatigue, as well as the implications and opportunities of Brexit.
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Life as a tech rep

09 November 2016

Captain John Marriott
Former BALPA technical rep, Captain John Marriott, reviews the roles and responsibilities of safety reps and also reveals how crucial they can be in supporting BALPA members.
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Cpt. Dave Fielding
Captain Dave Fielding looks at how the increasing use of social media is putting more and more pressure on pilots.
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