Nancy Jackson
BALPA Media and Communications Officer
BALPA explores the reality of the pilot pay packet and hears from a newly-qualified pilot who says his salary doesn't go far once he's paid off his training debts.
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Wendy Pursey
Head of Membership and Career Services
From early December, the CAA is making changes to how pilots make licence applications, introducing an 'e-licencing' system and fast-track options. 
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Steve Landells
BALPA Flight Safety Specialist
BALPA Flight Safety Specialist Steve Landells shares his experience of attending an event that brought pilots and drone operators together to look at how to "share the air" safely.
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Brendan O'Neal
BALPA Chairman
BALPA Chairman, Brendan O'Neal explains the importance of BALPA's Annual Delegates Conference.
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An explosive issue

05 November 2017

Steve Landells
Flight Safety Specialist
Flight Safety Specialist Steve Landells discusses the explosion risk many people carry round with them every day.
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